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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Board rules

English version

The official Elex Board - Rules:

  • Laws
    The laws of the Republic of Austria are respected and enforced within these boards. Violating those laws can lead to federal punishment.
    Admins of the Elex boards are authorized and able to collect data which can be used to determinate a user`s identity and in the case of a lawsuit, those data will be given to the authorities.
    Violation of laws is always a reason for permanent ban.

  • Netiquette:
    Insulting and provoking other users and / or members of the team is strictly forbidden.
    It can be reason for warnings and permanent ban.

  • Software Piracy, Cracks and illegal downloads
    Suggesting, praising, linking to and asking for copyright protected content for illegal reasons is strictly forbidden.
    Cracked games won't get any support. Linking to cracks is strictly forbidden too.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Porn
    The linking to, advertising of and implementing into the boards (Signature, implemented pic, Avatar...) is forbidden. Make sure to check your site before posting it!
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Racism, Fascism and Dicrimination
    Such a behavior won`t be punished with warnings and bans only, but also with federal prosecution according to applicable Austrian law. Linking to pages containing material of racism, fascism or discrimination is stricly forbidden too. Check your site before posting it!
    It can be reason for warnings and permanent ban.

  • Advertising
    Ads and advertising links to commercial products, companies or websites, "thief games" (browser games based upon guiding or tricking users to a specific url), cost-free presents and propagation of email-adresses are forbidden.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.
    Links and ads for non-commercial fan projects are tolerated if posted into the right sub-boards and if the pages are not cramped by material which falls under the first paragraph of this rule.

  • Glorification of violence
    Although some games may have violent content, we won`t tolerate links, pictures and quotes that are used to glorify violence. may be a thin line between allowed and forbidden, so please think twice before posting questionable content.
    Warnings and bans will be used to enforce.

  • Multiple Registration
    Multiple registration with different usernames is not allowed. All accounts will be banned except the first one, which will get a warning.
    In case of recurrence the first account will be banned too.
    Creating a new account after being banned will result in an immediate ban upon detection. Promoting or supporting the use of such an account is not allowed and will result in penalties.

  • Choose the right board
    Please choose the board that fits your topic / opinion / question. Also make sure that you use only the appropriate language for the subboard.

  • Don`t duplicate threads
    If a thread to your topic already exists, use that one instead of creating a new one.

  • Don´t do multiple postings!
    The posting of the same content into different threads, sub-boards and boards is forbidden.

  • Don`t post nonsense!
    Nonsense-, Smiley-only and empty posts are not welcome within the threads and boards as well as quoting whole threads. There may be reserved areas for spam and off-topic posts, where nonsense is tolerated, these threads are often named „tavern“ or „nonsense thread“.

  • Use a fitting headline
    When creating new threads, the headline should inform the other users about the content. Shouting is not welcome.

  • Use thread keywords
    The keywords you might add to any topic serve as a help for users to identify the topic's content and are very helpful for the board's search function.

    Therefore these keywords should fit the topic in an objective way and should not contain any personal opinions about the topic or senseless descriptions.

  • Signature Rules
    The signature height is limited to 6 rows of normal text size, including pictures. More information can be found in the User-FAQ.

  • Public discussion of infractions
    Infractions are not allowed to be discussed in public, except in case when both user and moderator agree on it. If the latter is the case, it can only be discussed in a dedicated feedback thread.

  • Additions to the board rules
    The board rules are supplemented by the User-FAQ. These are part of the rules.

  • Exceptions from these rules
    There may be exceptions in particular cases, but those can be granted by Admins and Mods only.

  • The administration can always change those rules within the limits of federal law.

  • Responsible editor: Philipp Brock

If there are any questions, contact a moderator or admin within the board or write to

FAQ for new users

FAQ for new users


  • What is a signature?
    The signature, that every user can design individually, is shown under every post. It contains for example short texts or pictures.

  • How do I edit my signature?
    You can edit your personal signature in the User Control Panel. To get there just click on the link "Panel de Control" in the upper right corner of the board. Then you have to click on "Edit Signature" in the list to the left to customize it. In the textbox that appears now, you can enter your desired signature. Furthermore there are so-called "vbCodes" that can help you with your signature. They allow you to format texts or to add pictures. In the next paragraph you get more information about them. After clicking on "Preview Signature" you get a preview of your signature. To save it just click on "Save Signature".

  • What are vbCodes and how do I use them?
    You can use vbCodes to format texts, add pictures and links or quote other posts in your signature or your posts. You can find an overview of them on this page: BBCodes

  • How do I upload and use my own pictures for my signature?
    Pictures that you uploaded to the board as an attachment can't be used for your signature. However, you are able to upload a picture for your signature in the User Control Panel. You can afterwards add it to your signature via the vbCode [SIGPIC]alternative text[/SIGPIC]. If you want to use more than one picture then it must be uploaded to your own webspace, or to special hosting services that allow free image uploads. After uploading your picture you can insert it in your posts or signature with this vbCode: [IMG]Url-of-the-picture[/IMG]

  • Are there any rules for signatures?
    Signatures must not exceed a maximum height of 6 lines in normal font size, the equivalent of 100 pixels. The maximum width of signatures is 730 pixels. Each picture should be no larger than 100KB. Signatures must not break the board rules either. Signatures that break any of these rules will be deleted by a moderator. You can use the vbCode [imga=left/right]URL-to-your-picture[/imga] to align it left or right. Your text will then be aligned to the left or right of the image instead of below it.

  • Am I allowed to "expand" my signature by manually adding parts of it to all of my posts?
    We make no distinction between automated and manually added signatures so the general rules still apply - you are not allowed to exceed the size limit or otherwise create inappropriate signatures in this way.


  • What is an avatar and how do I use it?
    The Avatar is the picture shown above your nickname in all your posts. You can change your personal avatar by clicking on "Edit Avatar" in the User Control Panel.

  • Am I allowed to use my own pictures as avatar?
    Yes, you can use your own pictures too. Just click on "Edit Avatar" in the User Control Panel and then type in the URL to the picture in die textbox called "Enter Avatar URL:". Alternatively you can upload a picture from your computer by clicking on "Browse..." right next to the textbox called "Upload Image From Your Computer:".

  • Are there any rules for avatars?
    The maximum size of avatars is 100x100 pixel and 39,1KB. Pictures that are larger can't be used as avatar.The content of the avatar is still bound by the general board rules.

  • What's the difference between the avatar and the profile picture?
    The pictures that are shown next to each post are called avatars. In addition to this avatar every user is allowed to set up a profile picture that will be shown in his profile. Setting up a profile picture is as easy as editing the avatar. Just click on "Edit Profile Picture" in the User Control Panel.

User title

  • How do I edit my user title?
    To edit your user title, that is shown under your nickname, just click on "Edit Profile" in your User Control Panel and type in a title in the corresponding textbox. If you haven't edited your user title, you will see the title "Registered User" underneath your nickname.

  • Why do some users have coloured user titles and a second line for this title? Some user groups have coloured titles to make them more recognizable. This includes, for example, moderators, administrators and some developers. In addition, some users are members of special teams that, for example, create modifications for a game. These "special guests" have coloured titles too. In rare cases special titles are handed out in competition. It is not possible to colour your own user title, nor will it be done on request.

  • What does the user title "Banned" mean?
    If a user has the title "Banned" he has been banned from the board. He could be banned for a specified period of time (temporarily banned), or forever.

  • Do I need to keep some rules in mind when choosing my title?
    Some titles, any that could provoke confusion, will not be accepted by the software. You are not allowed to imitate them with special characters either. This includes titles such as "Administrator", "Moderator" or "Banned". In general you are not allowed to use titles that could feign a special position.

Private messages

  • What are private messages and how do I use them?
    With private messages you can talk to another user in private. They are like e-mails, that can be send through the board. You can send a private message by clicking on "Send New Message" in the User Control Panel. Alternatively you can click on "Send a private message to " in a user's profile. vbCodes and smilies are available in private messages, too. After clicking on "List Messages" in the User Control Panel you see the private messages you got from other users. You can save up to 400 messages. If you reach this value you have to delete some messages to be able to get more. "Track Messages" shows all the messages that you sent and of which receipt is confirmed by the recipient. The option "Edit Folders" allows you to create your own folders for private messages. To show all your folders you just have to click on "Private Messages" above "List Messages".

  • Am I allowed to send advertisements via private messages?
    Private messages may not be used for advertising purposes. This applies to commercial projects, as well as private fansites, guilds in the gothic-board etc.

  • What are profile messages and how do they differ from private messages?
    Profile messages can be added to the public profile of a user. If you get an answer to such a message you will find it in your own profile. Accordingly, you should always use private messages concerning private topics that not everyone can read. The general rules also apply for profile messages so insults and other rule violations will be punished. If you see a profile message that is against the rules then please use the "report" button to let the moderators know.

Violation of rules

  • How do moderators act if someone breaks a rule? If a user violates a rule then the moderators are able to issue warnings or infractions. While warnings are only meant as a hint, without any direct consequences, infractions incur a certain amount of points, depending on the rule being broken. These points are visible to moderators and the involved user and can be found in the user's profile. After collecting 10 points an account gets banned temporarily and after 15 points it is banned permanently. In serious cases a permanent ban will take place immediately.

  • Are banned users allowed to come back to the forum after some time?
    A temporarily banned user will be automatically allowed back after a one week cooling off period. Users who earned a permanent ban are, as the wording suggests, not allowed to come back. Begging won't help you here because in those cases where infraction points gradually accumulated you had ample opportunity to change your ways, while in cases of an instant ban you did something that simply won't be tolerated here. All additional accounts created by the same user will be banned outright, including those created by users who are already banned. If you are tempted to create a second account while suffering from a temporary ban then be aware that all of your accounts will be permanently banned.

  • How and when should I use the function "Report Bad Post"?
    If a post breaks the rules and has not yet been discovered by a moderator then you have the option to report it. To do so, click on the small warning triangle at the bottom of the column containing the nickname, avatar etc. After that you can write a short message to all moderators of the sub-forum where the post was made. These moderators will then get an e-mail containing your message and a link to the reported post. At this point we want to make it clear that this function must not be abused; for example, to draw attention to a question or as an excuse to spam moderators by reporting every piece of spam deposited by an ad-bot (reporting one such post is enough and you can rest assured that we'll discover the rest).

  • Am I allowed to tell other users about their misbehavior?
    If a user breaks a rule the moderators are responsible for the punishment. Other users should not intervene. Of course it's no problem to tell a user for example about the edit-function or this FAQ. All other interventions should be done by a moderator.

  • Why has the user XYZ been banned?
    Discussions concerning infractions and bans are only allowed if the user concerned and the moderator have agreed. Otherwise, questions like this won't be commented upon.


  • What can I do if I want to add something to one of my posts?
    All posts can be edited after creation; just click on the "edit" button next to your post. You are also able to add a poll to any thread you started but only within 20 minutes of creating it. Please don't create strings of posts one after the other for no good reason, use the edit-function instead.

  • Am I able to edit polls?
    Polls cannot be edited after they have been created. If changes are neccessary then please contact an Administrator or Super Moderator.

  • What is Spam?
    Posts that are senseless and that are (in many cases) only posted to increase the post counter are called spam. Another form of spam are posts that only consist of one line of text and aren't really expressive. Spamposts should be avoided and can result in a warning.

  • Should I check the date of a thread before replying to it?
    Before replying to a thread you should always check the date and avoid bringing up topics that are too old, or for no apparent reason. For example, if you answer a question after four years then it's unlikely to be helpful. In general, you should only post to older threads if it is reasonably possible to continue the discussion.

  • Why doesn't the board count my posts?
    In some boards the post counter is turned off. This was done in forums for general smalltalk. So posts in these forums don't increase your post counter.

  • How can I find out how many posts I wrote in total?
    As the post counter only counts posts in forums where the counter is activated it doesn't show all of them. You can find out how many posts you really wrote by clicking on "Find all posts by " in your own profile. After that you should see a text in the upper right corner that looks like "Showing results 1 to 25 of 500". In this case 500 would be the number of posts you wrote.

  • How can I find out how many posts I wrote in a specific thread?
    To do so you just have to open the forum where the thread is located and click on the number of replies (5th column).

  • How do I attach files to my posts?
    When you create a post you find the button "Manage Attachments" in the section "Additional Options". After clicking this button you can pick a file to upload by clicking on "Browse...". Attachments with most filetypes must not be bigger than 146,5KB. The maximum size of txt and zip files is 390,6KB. The allowed filetypes are: bmp, doc, gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, psd, rar, txt and zip. You can show all the attachments you uploaded by clicking on "Attachments" in the User Control Panel. Also you are able to delete attachments there.

  • Who owns the copyrights to the content of posts?
    In principle everything that is posted on these forums is published, managed and maintained by the original poster. This includes text, pictures, videos, stories, poems, drawings and other works of art. Nordic Games does not own the copyright to, nor is responsible for the content of what is posted on these forums, with the exception of official announcements, contests, promotional content or otherwise indicated or covered.

General FAQ

  • Am I allowed to create more than one account in the board?
    No, multiple accounts are not tolerated and will be banned.

  • Am I allowed to post links to thief-games, like monstersgame?
    Links to this sort of game, those that give you advantages for every click, are not tolerated and will be deleted. Multiple postings can result in penalties on your account. Accounts that have only been created to link to a game like this are considered to be ad-accounts and will be banned permanently.

  • Am I allowed to post advertisements for my projects, boards, websites...?
    You may post advertisements for projects that have to do with Elex. Ads for other projects aren't tolerated.

  • What are moderators?
    Moderators are voluntary helpers, who observe the boards and take care of them. They have the rights to edit or delete threads and posts, speak out warnings or ban users. The moderators are not employees of Nordic Games or Piranha Bytes. They don't get paid and just do this job in their free time. A list of all moderators can be found here.

  • How can I become moderator?
    There is no recipe to become a moderator. When the team is looking for a new moderator, a user who is suitable for the job is picked.

  • What are smilies and how do I use them?
    Smilies are used to express feelings in forums and chats. The most important smilies are already implemented in the board. When you're writing a post you just have to click on one of the smilies next to the textbox to add it to your post. Alternatively you can type in the code of the smilie manually ( : ), ; ), : motz: ...). To see all the smilies that are available in the board you have to click on "[more]" under the smilies. You can also use this overview.

  • Am I able to use my own smilies?
    If you want to use smilies that are not implemented in the board, you can use the IMG-code to add them to your post. Just type: [IMG]URL-of-the-smilie-between-these-tags[/IMG]

  • What do the stars under nicknames mean? The number of yellow stars under the nickname depends on how many counted posts a user wrote:

    25 posts -> *
    250 posts -> **
    1000 posts -> ***
    2500 posts -> ****
    5000 posts -> *****

    Moderators and administrators have five, six or seven red stars.

  • Is there anybody I can ask if I've got questions about the board?
    If you've got questions or problems relating to the board the moderators will try their best to help you. Just write a private message to one of them. You find a list of all moderators here.

  • Can you change my nickname?
    Changing your nickname is considered on a case by case basis. Please contact an Administrator if you want a new nickname.

  • Can you delete my account?
    If your account did not get any infractions then it is possible to completely delete it, in most cases. However, this is considered on a case by case basis so please contact an Administrator if you wish to request it.

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