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Thread: multiple bugs

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    multiple bugs

    Hello all

    English isn't my best language so plz bare with me :P

    this is my problem...

    when I pull out the sword it goes into block and stays in block mode. ( only pressing options removes it)
    when I pull out my bow it wont zoom and it won't be sheathed ( unless going to options menu)

    when I go into a dialogue option it stays on the first option. whenever I want to go to the second or third or whatever I just jumps back. this means sometimes I cannot even go out of the dialogue since... I can't press ''end''.

    nothing helps its the applikation not the controller sometimes even when starting the game I cannot even go to the load files because I cannot press the simple x.

    same for trying to save the game. I can only load, ( this is fixed by unsheathing weapon,I also do this be4 talking to someone it most always means ill be able to choose dialogue options but only for a short time )
    I truly hope you guys are able to help me !!!

    thanks in advance


    and no there are no updates ^^ and i've already tried the usual
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