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    Nov 2017

    Xbox One X 4K HDR patch?

    XBOX ONE X 4K HDR PATCH WHEN?? Or is it already released?? THANK YOU!

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    Jul 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    Guys, please!!!
    Add a patch where we can disable ONLY HOTKEYS from 1 to 0 (there is option for disable HUD but then we disable health bar and radar), because that annoy manny players as they can remember what they have from 1 to 0 without need to see it. Many have feel that this use half our screen and that relly anoy. Please do this, I know that this is a very little task for you. Add it as much faster as you can.
    And again!
    Why you dont fix this guys? Is it so hard to make option to hide these hotkeys (from 1 to 0 on keyboard). I can hide Health-Mana bar and radar but cant these hotkeys, why dont you insert that option??? I must disable completly HUD to hide them and than I cant play because I cant see necessary things like health-mana and what I pick for example. Its so frustrating!!!

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    Oct 2017
    When is the next patch? Could you please tell your paying customers of what is going on?

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