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    Hello again,

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    I'd like to ask about one thing. Why we won't be able to carry two weapons at a time? It's no matter for most of us that one weapon can interfere with another. We'd like to see character who can carry a full arsenal! It's pleasure to see at least a melee weapon and a ranged weapon at once like it was in Gothic It looks really strange when you see that one weapon disappear in situation when you draw another :/
    Ask your fans, and many other players - they will tell you the same thing Think about it Think about us, your fans, and the other players which will play ELEX as their first game from you
    'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

    Good luck with ELEX!
    So what you can do is to put every kind of weapon into your quickbar (yes, up to ten) and the current weapon is shown at your character. If you change into combat mode, the current weapon will be used. If you choose another weapon of the quickbar, the weapon will change. We don't want to limit the slots of the quickbar to show "all" weapons, that are equipped. Even if we would do so, there are very many more different kinds of weapons, that should fit to each other, because there are not just bows and crossbows, but also shotguns, laserrifles, firethrowers, grenadelauchners and more, that had to be shown witch every kind of sword, hammer or axe.
    So what we do is, that you can equip what ever you want, you can choose your current weapon and this weapon will be shown at the character, at least with a qiuver for bows, for example.


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    Hello everybody,

    Quote Originally Posted by IvanDado View Post
    I have noticed that on the steam store page the release date does not say early 2017 anymore. It shows only 2017. So my question is did the game got delayed?
    We haven't got a release date, yet. I think it will be early summer, but we will announce the exact date, as soon as we know it, of course.
    (It's done, when it's done )

    Quote Originally Posted by Remixer View Post
    I've recently realised that one of the reasons that enemy AI can suck at times is the reason that developers somehow think that enemies should "challenge" the player.

    This is not the case in real-life though. Mostly, when you meet an animal, such as a bear, they run away. They don't want to fight you.

    Of course, in games such as ELEX or for example Skyrim or Witcher 3, most creatures should indeed attack you if you get too close. However I am really annoyed by how stupid the monsters/animals are displayed. They never ever try to run away.

    Let's take an example from Gothic 3 - Trolls

    Trolls are huge chunks of meat, extremely hard to battle with a sword, but with a bow and enough arrows you're going to do just fine. Just climb onto a big enough rock and start shooting. The troll will come closer, try to get on the rock, realises it cannot and it just stands still until it's dead.

    The same problem can be seen in every single "major" spotlight game, be that Skyrim, Witcher 3 and so on.

    SO I'd like to ask if ELEX finally improved in this matter? Would a developer finally be enough smart to represent large animals as "not retarded"?

    In case a monster cannot get to attack the player, or in case it clearly is losing, it should try to escape. Or at least lure the player off from the shelter he's hiding in. If this had been the scenario in for example Skyrim and Gothic, it would have taken a lot longer to finish the game, in order to kill enemies like Dragons (in both games), Trolls (Gothic) or Giants/Mammoths (Skyrim).

    By creating a large monster you are removing its options to reach the player, in case player is at high places or similar. With ELEX and jetpack this can most likely be very easy. And of course, monsters that cannot reach such places should not try to fight the player - and only try to match him when they have a chance to win.
    Hm.. this idea would have a huge impact to the gameplay, i think. So what we wanna do is adding features, that allow creatures to reach you.
    The troll, that could be seen in the demo, will be able to throw stones, human enemies can also get a jetpack and other enemies will be able to jump higher, for example.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeful9 View Post
    Will you be able to recruit followers? I really like having companions. I did not see any in the demos.
    Yes! There will be different companions. They will have their own background, strengths, missions and opinion. If they join you, you can find them at your "homebase" and take one of them with you, if you want to. They will aslo respond to your behaviour and choices and you can have real good friends, a romance or they can leave you, in the end.

    Have a nice day,
    best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post

    1) Can we drink water from rivers, lakes?... You said that water is radiated when you show us some picture few days ago.
    2) Will ammunition be rare on the hardest difficulty?
    3) I relly want to see some console gameplay or screens. Will you show us some soon?
    4) What kind of magic spells will be in the game?
    5) Will be shields in the game?
    1. No, but you will be able to find water or other fluids in the game and you can find stuff to craft your own potions and soups, for example.
    2. Yes.
    3. As soon as it's finished.
    4. There will be different kinds of magic in the game, like the magic of the albs, magic of the berserkers and PSI magic of the clerics. More about it can be shown after the implementation of all spells and effects.
    5. Yes.

    Have a nice day,

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    Quote Originally Posted by huayra View Post
    Greetings developers,

    a.) will there be an robotic exosuit that our character can get into or use?

    b.) will there robotic units or drones that our character can control?

    c.) will there be smaller firearms like plasma pistols in the game (as opposed to shotguns, longswords and rifles, etc.)?

    Thank you so much for developing this wonderful game!

    a. There's no extern exosuit planned, that you can use. There will be different parts of armor and sets (body, pants, helmet) that you can find, buy or get. Every faction will have it's own style and strengths and therefore you can choose between more classical or technical kinds of armor.

    b. Not in terms of your question.

    c. There will be usual ranged weapons, like a plasmablaster, a crossbow, a shotgun and more and heavy weapons, like a firethrower, granadelauncher and rocketlauncher, but there's no "lefthand-pistol" or stuff like that in the game.

    Have a nice time,
    best regards,

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    Hello everyone,

    Quote Originally Posted by VITAL View Post
    are you going to do weapons very effective against some enemies and not very effective against other?
    or you will make all enemies are equally vulnerable to any kind of weapons?
    Diffenrent weapons and munition will have different damage types (like fire, poison, bleeding etc.) and the enemies will have special strengths and weaknesses. So yes, weapons will be more effective against some creatures than others.

    Quote Originally Posted by IvanDado View Post
    I have a question about companions. Is the game built with them in mind or can a solo player have the same experience? The thing is, when I was playing Risen 3 I felt like the game was meant to be played with a companion and not solo. All those cool dialogues especially from Jaffar and Bones (my favorite characters xD) and all the extra info. On my 2nd playtrough of that game I decided to play solo, because it was too easy even on the hardest difficulty to play with a companion and I realized that I am missing out on a lot of cool, funny and interesting info/dialogues. So, basically what I am asking is, are the companions in Elex just to help you or there is more to them? I like to play solo because thats how I am used to from G1 to Risen 1 and I like it that way, but if there is more to companions then just help in Elex, I really do hope that the game is going to be really challenging on the hardest difficulty at least. Have a nice evening!
    Every companion will have his own history, missions, opinions and strengths. Otherwise it wouldnt be interesting to take them with you or follow their storyline. But of course you can choose to go alone or take one with you. It is planned, that the game will be much more challenging this time. More than ever on the hardest difficulty.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Everybody,

    we wish you a happy new year and hope you are all fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by IvanDado View Post
    I am glad to hear the game is gonna be more challenging. And I completely understand that companions have to be interesting. I was just hoping that companions would not be a big focus, more like in other games where you could just take a companion here and there or something along those lines. But I am okay with companions as long as they do not make my fights easy haha.

    Also I have another question about the lore. Can we find more info about the lore on some items like in Dark Souls?
    We've got other ways to tell our story. You can find pictures, books, letters, audiologs or other stuff, for example.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post

    1) Will be snowy areas in the game?
    2) Will snowy areas be populate with some villages and NPCs with quests?
    3) When we can see and hear English voice-actor?
    4) Will you show us trailer that can describe all regions in the game?
    5) How Atmosphere in game look, I mean game is green and beautiful for apocalyptic theme?
    1. Yes.

    2. Xacor (the iceland) is huge, so there will be different areas.

    3. We didn't finish the Voice-Acting, so i'll keep an eye on this.

    4. Kind of.

    5. We are creating a game of contrasts. You will have beautiful parts of nature and rough, dark, destroyed areas. It depends on where you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by catalinux View Post
    Who's idea was Fred the Skeleton?
    Someone created a skeleton, another one placed it into the game and made a funny picture and a third one took this idea to create Fred. It's usually teamwork.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmidtek View Post
    There will be 3 skill trees for each faction - can you tell about at leat one skill from one of them?
    I hear about second expansion pack to Gothic 2. Is it true? What was story of this expansion?
    How many time is beetween gothic 2 and gothic 3?
    1. Yes, there will be usual Skilltrees for everyone, like Combat, Craft etc. and there will be a skilltree for each faction.
    The Berserkers will have Mana and Magic stuff, The Outlaws more Crafting and special stuff for their Stims and the Clerics will have PSI Skills.

    2. I just know about the Addon Night of the Raven. A part of the team once began to create Gothic 3 while another part finished creating the Addon for Gothic 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyamich View Post
    1. You will change the appearance of the inventory and icons ? I played the demo at Igromir and I realized that at the moment the icons and tools in the form of the thumbnails is absolutely not informative. Your gaze is lost. All seem somehow the same. One icon similar to the other.

    2. Сan we soon expect from you new gameplay videos or trailers ? As far as I know yet even the official trailer is not. I would like to see a demonstration of magic and LORE.

    3. You have been on all the major gaming exhibitions in various parts of the world. In your own opinion, are you satisfied with how people perceive your game ? Personally, I have seen the most mixed reviews. However, I was at your booth at IgroMir 2016 and for the most part the demo version I liked. I had complaints only to the General animation and battle animation in particular.I also want to draw attention to the fact that the demo version NPC in the explosions fell like a doll that looks very grotesque and unrealistic. I would like a more smooth movement like when traveling and in battle.
    P. S Hope you are all going to plan, wishing you every success in the development!!!
    1. The whole inventory of the demo is not informative. At the moment we're adding all values, descriptions, names, prices, final icons, right columns etc. After this task you will be able to have a better look of what you have.

    2. After finishing the current work, we will be able to show you more. But at the moment we have to focus on finishing our work. Soon there will be a trailer and then we will continuing with new material.

    3. Thanks, yes we are satisfied. If you show people game content about one year before release, you always have to explain, that things will still change. Some parts still need imagination. We can decide to show you what we have at the moment or wait and show you nothing till it's done. We decided to show you our work, so you can get an idea of what it will be in the end. Most of the people are very interested in our work and at last we can discuss things with you, collect feedback and react to it within the bounds of possibility. I think this is a good thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    1. Could you tell us now who is responsible for the soundtrack?
    2. Will there be some samples of it?
    3. Are you planning to change all animations in ELEX or just some of them?
    4. Will the game be difficult both at the beginning and at the end? Or we will become some god-like character what could probably destroy the immerse of your game? :/
    5. Could you tell us what combat system will be like?
    6. Will we be able to pick up weapons from defeated enemies?

    Have a nice day!
    1+2 This time we created a really huge soundtrack of many hours with music for different characters, areas and situations. Every faction, crewmember, location and situation has got it's own theme and instruments. It's the most variegated and extensive soundtrack we ever had. So it's difficult for us to give you an overview about the "big picture", without the game. The best way would be, if you play the game and get an impression. But we can also imagine to show you how we created it in a short video, if there's enough time left.

    3. There will be no animation from the Risen series in ELEX. Till release we still work at fighting, AI, and Ambient Animations.

    4. We plan to make it more challanging than before in the normal difficulty level this time. Of course you will be stronger in the end. But some enemies are really hard in the beginning, so this should work. At the moment it's really hard, so we're still working at tuning and testing.

    5. In the beginning you will have a bar and no money, so you'll have to find or buy munition, weapons and crafting stuff. Then you can craft better melee and ranged weapons, or find/buy them if you explore a lot. There will be very different weapons, that you can choose and enemies will have different kinds of weaknesses. So you can find your own strategy to fight against them. If you choose to join a faction, you can also learn Magic, PSI or use Stims, to use them during fighting. Enemies will also have different strategies, so some can follow you with a jetpack, some can jump very high and some can throw something, for example. I think it will be interesting because of it's diversity.

    6. Just if it's planned.

    Quote Originally Posted by ismarhadzia View Post
    Is it possible to play the game in 60fps on high end HW?
    Sorry, i don't know, yet. We didn't finish the optimization.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sloul View Post
    How could I possibly have missed this thread. Just finished reading the whole thing, big up to PB for this sort of interaction with the fans!

    1. When you refer to end-game armor and weapon, I guess we go into the spoiler alert, but are you referring to the one and only one: a non faction armor that just is god-like. Or, are you saying that each faction offer and end-tier armor?
    If I may advocate for a non god-like armor: it kills the purpose of two essential things imo:
    - it kills the purpose of a breathing, challenging world
    - it kills the purpose of advancing into the hierarchy of a guild and feeling part of them (to some extent)

    2. I keep reading that ''this time the monsters/difficulty will be harder'', but harder than what? The difficulty from past PB titles have evolved quite a bit between Gothic 1 and Risen 3.
    Will it be harder than Gothic 2 for instance?

    3. Do you read other parts of the forum or are you more focused on this thread? Do you intend to have your own Piranha Bytes forum someday?

    Thanks for your time&answers.
    1. Of course, there will be some armor, that you can find in the world. But if you get the highest rank of your faction, you will have one of the strongest armor. We don't force the player to change it to finish the game.

    2. Definitely harder than R3. Similar to G2, i think. Fighting shall be a challenge, but not frustrating.

    3. Of course we are focussed on this thread, but we also read other threads in our freetime. It's important for us to get feedback from our community. But we have no capacity to care for an own forum. We like to read and answer you at the ELEX forum and the World of Elex forum at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by squerol View Post

    Few questions:

    1. Sorry, but where is Risen 1-style combat system that You've promised before showing us first gameplay videos? Again, You've giving us the same broken, modified Risen 2 "bulls**t" (with Risen 3 was the same situation) with awful animations (even similar melee combo-styles), stupid stunlock system and even the same "sliding" system when attacking target with melee from long distance. You guys should throw that combat system to trash and made something on a shape of G1/G2/Risen 1, not giving us "replay" from Risen 2 again, again and again. And please, don't try to imitate Dark Souls combat system - You won't succeed, it's impossible for You, sorry. Dark Souls + Risen 2 combat? No thanks.
    2. Will there be heavy, two-handed weapons?
    3. What about melee combat styles? You will make only single one-handed weapons like in R2/R3 or we will get something like in Gothic 3 - single one-handed, one-handed + shield, dual-wield, heavy two-handed or staff?

    Thank You. I'm worried about Your work. Looks like the staff from G1/G2/G3/R1 is not here, so Your recent games (R2/R3/elex) are totally different than Your previous masterworks. Even totally unfinished Gothic 3 was so special. Sorry to tell that, but I'm totally dissapointed with Your work and Your dear fans are too I think
    After your first post i'm surprised, that you still have questions about the game, but i'll give it a try.

    1. We changed the whole behaviour during the combat. In R2 and 3 the fighting system was really easy, because enemies at different islands had similar difficulties and during the fight, enemies consult the player, so it was difficult not to hit them.
    This time you have the full control about the players behaviour. You can choose, if you want to have an automatically focuslock or not. You can choose your combo timing and more. You can choose between true ranged and melee weapons. We added shields, different munition and learning points, changed animations and AI. So yes, we changed a lot.

    2. Heavy weapons are Grenade Launchers, Rocketlaunchers or the Firethrower, for example. There will also be two handed weapons, like swords, axes or hammers.

    3. You can get one handed weapons, shields and two handed melee weapons.

    Best regards,

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    Hi everyone

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    1) About weather in the game? Is there snow, fog, rain...

    2) Is weather affect the NPCs? For example, when its rain, people seeking shelter in their homes?

    3) How long is day-time in game? I mean that day-time is not so short so we can enjoy in morning and sunset a little longer.

    4) Your world is big, so do you fear that some areas can look empty, and how you solwe that?

    5) Are in the game some abandoned places? For exaple ruin houses that hold some secrets and loots?

    6) What can you tell us about quests in the game? We want to see interesting quests that have branching. You also mentioned some big interconected system that you ever create.

    7) Are there bigger buildings in the game, not just small houses?

    8) You said that there are no dungeons as in Risen, but will there be underground levels that are little longer, not just few meters. Metro tunels for example or sewers. That would be great.
    1. Yes, I've seen the rain today for the first time.

    2. No, the people of Magalan will work at every weather. They will change their behaviour storywise or because of the time.

    3. I'm not sure. It could still change, but there will be enough time to enjoy the sunset.

    4. With a good pacing. There will be different things to explore in every country and chapter. You can find riddles, creatures, NPCs, letters, audiologs or some crafting stuff all over the world. We think It's interesting if you don't know what you will find after the next cormer.

    5. Of course.

    6. That's true there will be very many choices in the game, that change the story and many ways to solve quests. Besides that there will be tons of dialogues and side quests in the game.

    7. Yes, like the "hotel" or the "converter", for example.

    8. There will be some ruins with bigger cellars or some dungeons in mountains, if you find them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuba M14 View Post
    1. You thought of completing the addition to the Gothic 1? He is going to be very interesting.
    No. The responsible persons here didn't work at this sequel. It was a project of another team that got cancelled really long ago. We don't even had the material of this project. What the guys did was creating Gothic 2 and afterwards Night of the Raven.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laurealdin View Post
    Hello Jenny, i hope everything is fine and you make satisfactory progress with ELEX

    1. Have you finished archery combat system? How it will look like? More like in Gothic 3 or Risen? Maybe something else?

    2. You mentioned once that you plan to add a quiver to inventory, it's still valid?

    Best wishes to all team.
    1. It already works and you can aim with different arrows and it's fun.

    2. Yes, i can see the quiver.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magurn View Post
    1 What will be the size of settlements in Elex? Can we count on something like Khorinis or it will be a small settlement in the Risen 3?
    2. Will there be an ordinary firearm in the game (not energy)?
    1. There will be more than one very different bigger settlements. Hope you will like it.

    2. A shotgun, for example.

    Quote Originally Posted by neicanimeni View Post

    1. Given the fact that the animations and combat are not finished do you still plan to release the game in 2017?
    2. Will your armor be customizable? Can you change its stats or appearance similar to games like Dragon Age Inquisition?

    Thanks in advance!
    1. Yes, definitely.

    2. You can craft your weapons and buy or find different helmets, pants, rings, amulets and armor with different stats and a different look.

    Quote Originally Posted by OdinMidgar View Post

    1. I think if you could add one thing to the playstation pro patch it would be extra Anisotropic Filtering =)

    2. Who is the composer for Elex
    1. I'm not a programmer, but I'll ask about this.

    2. We never had so many musictracks in a game like in Elex. Every location, crewmember, situation etc. has it's own music and it will be very extensive and diversified. So we would like you to play the game and listen to the music first.

    Kind regards,

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    Hello everybody,

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    1) Are flying monsters in game (dragon-like, bird-like...) that we can fight?

    2) Look at this gameplay at 1.03, when hero open the chest some picture jump from it, and then inventory shows, that looks so unimersive, will you fix that?

    3) You said that inventory will not take all screen, I think that this inventory is relly bad and actually it takes all of screen. Will you change inventory?

    4) When we open inventory will game pause?

    5) Personal question: what is by your opinion the best thing in the game? What you like the most? Is that story? Is that level design? Or?...
    1. There are flying drones, for example, but no dragons.
    2. The design of the GUI isn't finished, yet. What you see here is an early version of your adjutor, a special tool in your arm. If you open a hologram, you can use it for your characterscreen, inventory and logbook.
    3. The design ins't finished and it won't stop the game. But it has to be readable, clearly arranged and useful for the player, so we are still testing it.
    4. No.
    5. What i like most is a little secret, that you can find, if you explore a lot. I'm curious, who of you will find it first.
    Besides this i really like the jetpack. It's difficult for me to play a game without it, now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warstrike View Post
    1)Will you announce a release date any time soon?
    2)Will the game be available for pre-order on Steam?
    1. We will announce the release date as soon as we are sure about it.
    2. I think so.

    Quote Originally Posted by neicanimeni View Post
    1. How long has it been since the planet was destroyed? Are we talking about a few decades or centuries?
    2. Will you be able to customize the Hero's appereance like getting him to have a beard, tatoos or stufflike that?
    3. Will there be different paths to follow for each faction? Like, how in Gothic 1 in the Old Camp you could become either a Guard or a Mage after some time?
    1. Less than 200 years.
    2. No, but his apearance will change at least one time in the game.
    3. You don't have to choose. Every faction has got different ranks, that can be reached and thier own missions and skills, of course.

    Have a nice day,

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    Hi everyone,

    Quote Originally Posted by Magurn View Post
    1. The gameplay video shows the robot passes through the container. Will this fix to be released?
    2. The video shows the same as distributing playing characteristics of glasses in the menu. So it will be in the game or it upraschenie demo?
    3. Will the flashlights?
    1. We're still bugfixing, many things that doesn't make sense can still be fixed.

    2. I don't know, if i get you right, but there will be different glasses in the game, that can be used.

    3. There are no "flashlights" planned, but there will be a solution for very dark areas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    Hi Jenny!

    Elex graphics change much... I want to discuss about that...

    I must say that I compare this your new gameplay:

    With this older, but which had a same scanes:

    And I have divided opinion about it. So:

    1) In older demo build game has dark graphic tone and in new it has more bright colours, its like you delete this dark tone, so what will be at the end?

    2) Grass has also changed much, I cant say is it better or worse, but will grass change again in future? Trees look worse than in earlier build...

    3) Also ruins had diffrent wall texture, in new demo build it has new, will that change?

    4) There is a fear that game could be downgraded at the end because of consoles, many developers do that in last years, show game than downgrade it. Will you fallow this trend?

    5) Will game at the end look better than in this video,
    please look at it:
    The atmosphere in this video, the feel, especially that awsome lighting, ALL is absolutly fantastic, why you change the game that much after this build? Why? And can you give us these same scenes from last build so we can compare it? If game look worse than in this video, that will be serious downgrade!

    I mean, I dont want to tell you what to do, and how to do, but I fear... Changing game graphics could produce diffrent feel. And we alredy saw game and expectations are high. Dont dissapoint us.
    1. It's just because of the weather and daytime. So we're still working at the weather and the same area can look very different due to the time you're there.

    2. We work permanently on the game and many parts still change till we're finished. What we can do is show what it looks like in the different stages and in the end you can see the result. So yes, the level department still works at many parts even vegetation.

    3. I don't know exactly which parts will still change. Every department here is still working at the game. Sometimes we test things and then decide, what works best.

    4. Definitely not. It's more like the opposite. We usually work like "functionality before visualization", so when everything works we take care to improve the visualization. All things that you can see are screenshots and gameplay from a current build. So you can have a look at the progress of development.

    5. Don't worry. we didn't change this area. We just didn't finish all areas. There will be more gameplay and different landscapes, that you can compare. Just a little patience, we're working at it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgannin View Post
    Will enemies pursue you for longer distances this time? In all games it's been too easy to escape enemies just by running. They don't make it difficult, since they give up quickly, wait for you to go a certain distance, then turn around. I would prefer it if they pursued you further, or you implemented a system like Metal Gear Solid's alert status, where after losing sight of you, enemies in a zone remain more suspicious and can spot you again more easily.

    On a similar note, will enemies be able to sprint? Any PB game that allowed sprinting (G3, R2-3) meant that you could easily escape enemies just by holding down shift as much as possible. Since none of them could move at more than a jog, escaping battle when the tide turned was incredibly simple. Meanwhile, in Gothic 1 and 2, enemies were often faster than you or could at least keep pace, making escape much more difficult, so hit-and-run tactics were more challenging to pull off.
    Enemies will have different strategies, so some of them will follow you and some will try to shoot you. Some will even be able to use a jetpack. We're still working at AI and their behaviour to take care, that the game will be challenging, but not unfair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    1. Can you make a teleportation from relic to relic? Teleporting from anywhere is kinda strange. It is understandable if it would be a fast travel in the form of road signs or something like that.
    2. Are you planning to change animations? Or at least combat animations? For now it looks like fighting with the shovel in the backside
    3. Does AI of monsters and characters is still being developed?
    And a one question which bothers me since the announcement of Elex... 4. What will happen with Risen series?

    Have a good day!
    1. You can teleport with your adjutor (a tool in your arm) to every teleport, that is already activated.

    2. We already changed a lot and still work at it.

    3. Of course.

    4. Risen is a brand of Deep Silver. We don#t know what will happen with it in future.

    Best regards,

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    Hello everyone,

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post

    1) About size of the game. I dont understand this thing. Some of your team member said that game will be bigger than Gothic 3 "1.5" time.
    I clear ask: is that size of one Gothic 3 map and plus half more of that size, or its double map of Gothic 3 plus one half more?

    2) Do you plan to change anything in game in this time before release the game?

    3) I notice some glitches in the game (I have good eye ), like no shadows at some places, strange texture, a tree fly in air and so on. Will you fix that?

    4) I know Elex is Elex, but what your past game is closest to him?

    5) I saw one dinosaur-like creature, and later I saw same "robothic" version. So will they fight the same way or will they have diffrent resistances?

    6) At 16:38 (and in other gameplays too) I saw when troll smash the ground some things like stones bump from it and after some time they gone, it looks unimmersive, and belive me you dont need that effect.

    7) Who is the voice actor of main protagonist in English version?

    8) I know all regions in game as you describe it, but will there be some swamp enviorment in one of those regions?
    1. It's as big as one and a half.

    2. I'm not sure if i understand you right. It is usual to change, optimize, test and add things till we release the game in many departments.

    3. Bugfixing isn't finished, of course, otherwise we could release tomorrow. We have different teams that test every new version of the game. This is one of the most important parts in the end of the production.

    4. Elex will be a typical Piranha Bytes game. There will be a huge rough open world, many handmade locations, much to explore and some dickheads, who make their own plans. Besides this we added some older features, like factions to join, learning points, teachers, an unlimited inventory, daily routines for creatures and NPCs and many more.
    But Elex will also have a new and fresh setting and a new story with both fantasy and science fiction elements and many new assets and features, like hacking or a jetpack, for example.

    5. Different creatures can have different strengths and weaknesses.

    6. Many effects are still in development and can change.
    But other similar things are more important for us, like NPCs that got killed. There are many open world games, that use little bags to let the NPCs and creatures dissappear, but we like them to lie in the world, that you can loot them. Smaller things like dirt or shotholes will dissappear after some time, because we unfortunately cannot save everything in the memory.

    7. Conor Hall. i think.

    8. There will be some green and muddy areas.

    Quote Originally Posted by foornesj View Post
    Hi, i want to get this, game, but i have som questions, please answer my if it is possible.
    1. Crafting
      What about crafting weapons, like gothic1 or gothic2 ?
    2. Cooking
      What about cooking like gothic1 or gothic2 ?
    3. Alchemy
      What about manage potions, like gothic1 or gothic2 ?

    Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 my favorite games, even better tan skyrims witcher etc, i hope that elex will be more resembling to gothic saga.
    The mechanics will be similar, but not the same.

    1. You can find many different melee and ranged weapons in the game. You can learn to improve your weapons and dependent on your faction you can enchant or modify them at a special interactive object.

    2.+3. You can find different recipes in the world and learn alchemy and cooking. If you have all ingredients you can cook your own potions stims or stews. Besides this you will also be able to use campfires.

    Quote Originally Posted by VITAL View Post
    we had "fallout 4"... now we have "mass effect andromeda" dont follow them... dont hurry please....
    ELEX is the last hope to see the good game in this year , maybe next year too ...
    i think we can wait for your best job
    if you will not be ready, when you want to finish ELEX, will you postpone the release of the game ?
    Elex won't be the next cinematic high end game, but it will be a great beautiful fantasy RPG with a handmade huge open world to explore, with much freedom and many different missions, characters and decisions. We didn't announce a release date, yet. But i'm sure you will get it in Q3 this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mazil View Post

    1. Have you considered adding elements like managing hunger, thirst and need to sleep to ELEX? Or something like climate affecting the gameplay like in Gothic 3 u had to have certain skill or armor in the deserts of Varrant or snowy mountains of Nordmar?
    Not necessarily on launch, maybe in future updates (like Fallout 4). Although I have to say that i don't know if it would really fit in the known and loved Gothic-like formula(regarding the hunger/thirst managing), but I would like to know your answer.

    2. Question regarding the magic and spellcasting. Can you at least estimate how many "spells" will we have for our disposal? I have the Berserk spellcaster on my mind and just wondering if there will be as many spells as in Gothic 3 for example? Are you planning any summoning/conjuration "spells" (or some kind of special techniques/gadgets) for something like a robotic companion or something similar of Gothic skeleton summoning? Robotic parrot/monkey?

    3. Regarding steam ELEX's page: is the language info there confirmed and final or will there be any changes to that? What I have in mind is: there have been rumors about ELEX getting a voiceover in Poland like the Gothic series. I don't really know if that is confirmed (can you say anything about that?) but if it would be true I wondered if it would be available on Steam or not (like Gothic series).

    EDIT: My bad, I see that Polish language has been added to Gothic games on steam. (Long time since I played any Gothic game last time on steam, and shop page still reads Polish as unsupported, that's why I made that mistake. Although question still stands )
    1. There will be no hunger or thirst, but there will be poisoned, radioactive, hot or cold areas in the game and you can get different resistances, for example.

    2. There will be berserker spells, alb spells and PSI skills that you can learn, but i don't know how many at the moment. There will be instant spells and fighting spells and yes, you can summon an ally, but this will depent on your faction. Every faction will have it's own skilltree.

    3. The information is still a placeholder, if there will be any news, we will announce them at our sites, of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by IvanDado View Post
    Hello there! I have one question about your progress with this game. From what I have heard you are planning to release the game this summer, but the build of the game you keep showing is still in alpha. Can you really manage to go from alpha state to final product in like 4 months?
    We have some convention versions (like the pre alpha last year and the alpha now, that we can show at conventions, but of course we continue working at the game besides this versions. This is usual, because in development we need some constants. I'm still sure it will be Q3 this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Danbona View Post
    Hello Jenny & Co. ! Just a few odd Q's i happened to think of, i'm sure they're not difficult to answer.
    1. Have you thought of carrying over some familiar names onto Elex, like Diago, Gorn etc, will that work or not ? &
    2. Is smoking implicated ? With different types & different Xp bonus, can we make our own for small xp, sell, trade smokes ? Or does this not fit in with the setting ?

    Cheers, looking forward to more stuff.
    You can find Jacks lighthouse, for example.

    2. There are cigarettes in the game, but you can just sell them.

    Quote Originally Posted by xenonisbad View Post
    Hello! I just watched Elex prolog and few question raised in my head.

    1. Will be more videos like this in game? I really enjoyed watching this prologue and i think videos like this are great way to fulfill the story. I know that in Risen 3 You have already tried to sum up the story between chapters, i think this is good way improve the game.

    2. Since our hero have a name: Jax, will we be able to buy a lighthouse and live in that? Hero need a place to live anyway, and i just can't play new Piranha Bytes without a Jack living in a lighthouse, but Jax can do it too.

    3. Will be in elex some easter egg connected to Samurai Jack? In Gothic 3 we had katana, in Risen 1 we had Don sword that was katana too. If in Elex hero will find katana, it would be awesome if he would say something like "Guess i am the samurai now. Samurai Jax... Why this sounds so familiar?"

    4. Will game explain us why the strongest fraction decided to send only one man? I hope this isn't something like "our one man is stronger than all our enemies", but something more deep. They surely had to have something special planned.

    5. Since prologue is released, i guess game is sooner than ever was. I should start saving money for collectors edition, and that rise another question... will we be able to decide what collectors edition will contain? You probably have some what to put in collectors edition, of course everything will not fit there.

    I just hope that collectors edition will have artbook, steelbook and most important... figure that is not just hero standing, but something more out of the crowd. There is so many similar heroes figures that releasing another makes is look nothing special. Risen 3 had Shadow Lord figure and it was awesome, i hope Elex will get something special too.

    Have a nice day! Thank You in advance for your replay.
    1. There will be some cutscenes in the game, to tell you more about the main story and the past.

    You will find Jack, too.

    3. No. But you can find other easter eggs.

    4. He was send for a special mission. More about it will be explained in the game...

    5. Just a little patience. I don't think, that you'll be disappointed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    Why there won't be a possibility of taking weapons from defeated enemies and it will be possible only if it's planned? I can't figure it out

    Have a nice day!
    You can loot enemies. But we want to give different enemies different kind of weapons (even better ones), to improve the fighting gameplay. The possibility to loot their weapons would destroy the whole tuning.

    Have a nice week,
    best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belmont View Post
    1.Is that highlight option permanent?i mean when you see loot its highlighted with white... final version you will start with that crowbar cuz its kinda lame after those guys loot you, u start with a crowbar...(you had a crowbar under your suit or that berserkers plant u one to make fun of u )
    3.about inventory icons, thats final?because its kinda confusing seeing all those white/black icons?
    1. No, you can change it in the options.
    2. It suddenly appeared in your unlimited capacity reduction pocket.
    3. Most of them. To differ between similar items (besides their description) they have sometimes colours for damages (fireweapons), for example. Weapons have also different ranks (that you can see at the icon).

    Have a nice day.
    Best regards,

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    Hi everybody,

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    Piranha folk!
    This is very important! To be clear: I cant wait to play Elex as well as the most players! Everything you show us ON TRAILERS is absolutly fantastic! I know about developing game proces and I understand that game need to change till realise! BUT!

    I dont want to be quiet anymore! You show us today trailer, which is absolutly phenomenal graphicly, and these in-game scenes! Its JAW DROP EFECT!

    Then you go and watch Gronkh preview 3 hours (this is one of the videos and it has same scenes from trailer that can be compared):

    In Gronkh videos: Grass - completly downgraded and missing from the places that trailer has shown (now we have small grass bushes barely visible, insted of lush vegetation as in trailer), further, poor stones texture, reduced view distance, missing atmospheric fog and lighting effect, colours generaly look plastic... And so on! Generaly looks NOTYCEABLY worse!

    Same scene:
    look at this video at
    look at this video at 30:53
    I know that isnt same daytime meaby but its clear that graphics is diffrent!

    I already talk about this with you but looks like that my doubts are real! Why you dont show as the game as it is? We would take that much easyer than see one game and get other. Is this because of console? Or? Or maeby I am not right!
    I hope that you have explanation. Gronkh preview graphics is not like in trailer of Berserkers!
    What you can see here is just another hill at another daytime. What we do is just using the current version to show you gameplay material. Of course we try to optimize and polish everything we can till release, but that means that things just gonna be better and not worse. We do not downgrade anything!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    Who is responsible for animations in your games? Why they're always so wood-like? Can't you just make them much more 'fluid'? I know it's not so important but it could make game more pleasant

    Have a nice day!
    We changed many animations till you saw the first gameplay videos and continue polishing them, of course. But we also take care that we don't change the gameplay, because we want the player to react more directly and give you more control about his behaviour, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by wildfire View Post
    • Does game feature stealth system ?
    Yes, you can sneak and steal things in forbidden areas and you can learn lockpicking, hacking and pickpocketing.

    Quote Originally Posted by KocicaK View Post
    Will we get some sort of demo of ELEX?
    It is planned, that you can play the demo at the upcoming conventions. The next two will be in Cologne at the RPC in May and afterwards it is planned to visit the goodgameexpo in Warsaw.

    Best regards and have a nice day,

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    Hi everyone,

    Quote Originally Posted by Belmont View Post
    1.Can we increase stamina by potions or another kind?
    2.Can we disable the tutorial info ex:when near ledge it says press "x" to climb or press "x" to pickup i mean its obvious
    3.Can we find and equip alb armors?
    4.Will there be any kind of powerful end game wep/armor that are not guild related?
    1. Yes, there are different ways to increase your stamina.
    2. Most of the GUI elements can be disabled. Some are important for the gameplay, so we decide after all focus group tests, what is really necessary.
    3.+4. I'm sorry, but i don't want to spoiler anything about the end of the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    Excatly! Thank you heXen for support.
    We dont wanna be rude to be clear. We all want to play Elex here, but we must react sometimes when we see the changes that we dont like.

    And Jenny I want to say that your presentation at RPC was fantastic (getting started at 4:30 : ) and there are much improvements over the Gronkh gameplay. You in PB must know that manny popular games from other developers have failed to meet expectations of players (ME Andromeda and Fallout 4 comes to mind first) and we are scary sometimes because we see huge potential and we want from you to reach it. Last masterpiece RPG was Witcher 3 and that was a two years ago. So you can see that we dont get high quality RPG every day, actually every year. We are very careful when analyze your material, so dont angry when we say something about it, criticism is good sometimes.
    Yes, criticism is very good. For this reason we discuss and show our game long before it is finished. We also have no team, that makes material "better" for the audience, so don't worry. If you liked the rpc version, this is what it is right now. There's no need to downgrade anything, we just have bugfixes, optimization and polishing till release.

    Quote Originally Posted by KocicaK View Post
    Will we be able to remap buttons on consoles?
    Just on PC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    1) Can you show us console gameplay? PS4 or XBO anything?

    2) What resolution and fps will be on consoles? Is it like most games: 30 fps PS4 / 1080p , XBO / 900p ???

    3) What are the diffrences graphicly between PC Max settings and consoles?

    4) I notice on this your new gameplay that shadows flashing sometimes, and some fences dont even have shadows. Just to know.

    5) What is that green magic at 7:40 Is that magic of berserkers or clerics, or some weapon because mana dont reduce when hero cast it?

    6) Is it possible in game to equip some magic in left hand and sword in the right, at the same time?

    7) Is it possible to equip two diffrent spells at same time, for example fire in the left hand, ice in the right?
    1. As soon as we're finished.

    2. This is what it is right now, but we didn't finish the optimization, so i don't know, yet.

    3. I think this can be compared, after finishing our work.

    5. This is poison magic of the berserkers and it will reduce in the game.

    6. Just instant spells, like "healing" or something similar.

    7. No, this would be too mighty. You can use one "right hand weapon" and one instant spell or shield etc with the other hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warstrike View Post
    Is the game delayed for 2018?Or you are still aiming for a 2017 release?
    It will be Octobre, the 17th 2017. Now we are far enough to have an exact date for release.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post

    1. Will minimap shows something more than just nearby enemies and allies? I mean maybe a small part of the map like in Risen 3?
    2. Will there be more faction trailers like this one about berserkers?

    I can't wait to play ELEX!

    Have a nice day!
    1. Yes, you can learn some perks, that allow you to see more.
    2. Definitely, yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by gugand View Post
    Hi Jenny,

    Will the animations change depending on level of weapon relative skill? Or animation depends on weapon only?
    There are no skills, that change your animations, but you can learn to be stronger and doesn't stumble as much as before, for example.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laurealdin View Post
    Hello Jenny,

    ELEX looks better and better, I can't wait to play

    1. Will the speed of bow shooting depend on learned skills?
    2. Does the arrow naturally fall down with the distance?

    I really like the aiming system, it looks great. And there is a quiver

    Greetings for all team.
    1. I don't think so.
    2. There will be different bows and different arrows. You can aim with a calculated curve.

    Yes, the quiver is now in the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Razolpl View Post
    Im so glad to see Gronkhs 3h Gameplay and all this new Trailers! I bought the pre order on Steam and i have some questions about Elex.

    1. For people who bought the pre order. Will we get some extras in the game? like a DLC or something?

    2. I saw the trailer with berserkers but they aren't my favourite (Sorry for this
    ) I i just need to ask, Will you show us a Trailer with the Clerics and the Outlaws?

    3. Will we be able to use the Jetpack in the Fight from the start?

    4. Will we have the Fullmapscreen From the start like in Risen 3 or do we need to find Parts from a map?

    5. Will there be some Treasures map?

    6. How many Armors is it in the game? Like 3/4 Armors to a faction?

    7. Will there be a second part of Elex?

    8. Is it Bigger towns or small villages like in risen 3?

    Thanks for me!

    Have a nice day!

    1. I haven't heard about something. I can just say. that there are no dlcs planned, yet.

    2. Of course. And they will be different.

    3. No, you can use the jetpack from the start and learn a "jetpack-attack" later.

    4.+5. You will have the whole map. But you can find special places and other "maps" in the game.

    6. Every faction has armors for their own ranks, but there will be also different adventure amors in the game, that you can buy or find.

    7. I don't know, yet.

    8. Both.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimalpopoca View Post
    Hello, it's me again!

    Sorry for separate post but my phone does everything to get on my nerves and not allow me to edit my previous post...

    So I'd like to ask about User Interface... Are you planning to change it? It looks simply too simple (what am I saying?). There are just not too pompus bars in the upper corner and nothing else... As I said it looks too simple, please change it

    Have a nice day!
    Maybe smaller parts, but it is planned to have a modern and simple UI. Did you see the latest gameplay from RPC? This is nearly what it will be in the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by Innos View Post
    Just wanted to say congratulations for the new trailer! I got hyped and want to play it right now! Reminds me of the good old Gothic with these magic scenes!

    Edit: Will the particle system change? Or it will stay the same visual thing we see? Because it doesn't seem quite right, seems cheap and ruins the entire mood of the game..
    We're still polishing, bugfixing and optimizing, but i don't know which parts will still change in detail.

    Quote Originally Posted by blizeo View Post
    Hi, everyone,

    1) Part 2 of Gronkh gameplay footage: (15:44)
    There is a moment when Duras just runs through ignoring a hornwolf, even though he was supposed to lead the main hero to his village and protect him. This reminds me of the same issue from Gothic 3, except here it's even worse: Duras even ignores the hero being attacked. This was never an issue in Gothic 1&2. Can't remember anything like that in Risen 1. Will this be fixed?

    2) Latest footage compilation from World of ELEX: (2:21).
    The second shot seems to send the arrow higher than aiming, feeling like an unrealistic arc. Is it true, that "gravity" pulls arrows upwards, or is it just my eyes ? Or is this a miss caused by character skill?
    1. This depends on the situation. If a NPC is under attack, he should defend himself (if he is brave enough). And if the player is under attack, the NPC helps, when he is your friend and sees you. I think it's an unlucky situation, because Duras was too fast and usually helps you.

    2. I don't know and test it.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomcio View Post
    Hi Jenny

    As we can see from most gameplay videos and trailers the ranged weapons are extremely weak compared to swords ( so weak that it makes them totally redundant ). It was also pointed out by PC Games magazine in their article about Elex. What's up with that ?
    Are ranged weapons really that useless ?

    Thank you and best regards
    No, but the tuning wasn't finished. We have to test many times, till everything is fine, because we have many weapons and different munition, many perks and many level.

    Have a nice week and best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizeo View Post
    Hi again, Jenny.

    Are there like "factionless" and\or non-militaristic people?

    I loved how in Gothic 1 there were people that were still deciding who to join (new recruits for the Brotherhood, the cave hermit).
    Gothic 2 just starts with Lobart telling he can't decide because both the King and Mercenaries were close and not the best guys. Later you find multiple farmers who have made a decision and suffer it knowingly.
    Multiple Risen 1 characters had this mindset as well which was sort of cool and realistic. Never played 2 and 3 yet. But those worlds don't quite require it from what I know.

    On the other hand, looking at Elex trailers and gameplay videos, it feels like there are 4 different militaristic factions in ELEX and nothing in-between. Let's say, I don't want to recreate the world nature, don't want to consume elex as a drug, don't want to make robots, don't want to eliminate everyone and all. Is there a place for such an NPC in ELEX?
    Yes, of course there are also other NPCs. On the one hand there are more than 4 factions (But those 4 are the biggest) and on the other hand there will be also people, who live in the wilderness or in Abessa City and just try to survive or have other plans.

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
    1) I watch some of @Writing Bull preview videos and I notice that effect which blurry distance is missing, but we have it on RPC gameplay. So will that effect be in the final game?
    Whichever you want. That effect (called Depth of Field) can be activated or deactivated by you via game options.

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