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Thread: Map issues

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    Map issues

    When pulling up the map I cannot move my cursor around. I just downloaded he game yesterday and this is annoying! I just want to look around on my map and place a marker if I want but 99% of the time I cannot get my cursor to move, someone please help me!!

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    Nov 2017

    Ps4 map issues

    I also cannot move around the map, I have a square that I can move cursor in, if I zoom in I can go a little further, but most of the map is off limits. I have 54 hours in the game. Any answers?

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    Me too! 9 hours in and love the game but this map bug breaks the whole game. Please fix this soon!! the game is too frustrating to play with this fucking bug. How are we suppose to play a cRPG without a working map!!!

    Edit- uninstalled the game the reinstalled fixed the issue
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    I've same problem on PC, playing with gamepad.

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