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    Lightbulb Bugs are eating away Your profits PB.

    Hey there guys

    Up front, I've been with You since Gothic 1, all the way right to this point of - Elex. Elex could've been Your saviour, as a game, it's release was phenomenal, but Your delay with next updates after 1.0.2846.0 is phenomenal as well. And not in a good way now. I mean I'm at the end of the game and there are SO many bugs [most of them I welcome, Ai wise, easy way to my aim wise, etc.], that this game will be remembered again as another Gothic 1 or 2.

    An excellent game, but so buggy, that it will leave You just above the surface [and slightly above average].

    You should do more increments of Your currently prepared update [well I do believe You're working day and night on something big, otherwise You just threw a wrench into a beautiful machine].

    Potential of Elex is virtually limitless. If You expanded the land and created some more advnaced game mechanics, You could have Yourself a great MMORPG. A bit of tweaking and optimiziation engine-wise and You'd be platinum.

    Just don't take my message as a rant, rather as an advice. I know I'm probably being Cpt. Obvious here, but hey, it's been exactly a month and a day since Your last patch, most of the people beat the game by this time, and having an update ready 2-3 months after it's release renders the initial/potential game hype pretty much useless.

    Well, hope You get it together as soon as You can

    Kind regards

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