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    Anyone have issue with delay when pressing sprint on controller

    Often when i press the left stick for sprinting, there is like 2 sec delay.

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    Oct 2017
    Yes, everyone has it, at least when playing with keyboard. I suppose you have this delay when trying to sprint from idle stance. Try to hold sprint button and then start to move.

    Technically this is not a bug, I think it is drawback of so called "animation-driven movement". It is when the movement follows animations. For example, the sprint issue, sprint is unable until Jax won't finish initial acceleration animation. And you may notice lags in other movements. It may look fancy, but creates a significant input delay. I can recall a one game with this issue, witcher 3.

    Another method is gameplay-driven movement, when controlling your character is indepent, and animation sub-system reads various parameters of your character, and is trying to adjust animations to your state, animations are purely cosmetic and don't take away your controls. This is used in most of competitive and multiplayer games.

    To get a better idea of the topic you can watch a stream from epic games about animation system in paragon, they talk about how they switched from animation-driven movement to a gameplay-driven one.

    I think it is that stream, starting from 14:49
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