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    Jan 2018

    second guard quest won't finish even though I have ccompleted all the steps.

    I have followed this quest. I have spoken to the bartender, and to the fellow at the pit. I looked underneath Ragnar's place and found Alvar's body. I also found and read the crumpled note.

    My problem is that when I return to eldor, he just gives me a message to watch out for jackals. I am unable to complete the quest. I want to become a berserker and really need this quest to complete. I am absolutely stuck here. I looked up the steps to complete the quest and I have completed all of them.

    Please help me to get this quest to update so I can finish it.
    Thank you.

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    Jul 2015
    Did you talk to Drog? (guard of the main entrance to Goliet) and did you read the note carefully (the exclamation mark disappeared?).

    Best regards.
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