I am currently stuck and cannot progress with gaining entry into the last converter that requires Jurek's key card. I finished Ulbricht's Big Offensive (the big battle just short of the converter) and I assume I killed Jurek, but I did not continue into the converter, nor did I pick up the key card that is supposed to be on him. I did loot all corpses but I believe I ported out to a city right after.

Now on the map, Jurek's location is shown in a weird place that is no where near where the battle took place and when going there, it shows him being underground with no way to get to the spot where he supposedly is.

Has anyone encountered this or know how to get the key card as I have come all this way in the game and cannot finish disabling the last converter (all others are disabled). I do not have a save to go back to so that's not an option and I'm considerably further in the game than when this battle took place.

Thanks for any help with this!